Commercial Strategies


  • Small Scale Orogenic Gold Development (Au / Ag)
  • Porphyry Projects Evaluation & Development (Au, Cu, Mo, Sn, Zn and Ag)
  • Lithium Bearing LCT Pegmatites (Li – Sn – Ta)

A composite geological longitudinal section (below) simplifies the three key geological aspects of the strategies and summarises Dart’s current exploration target styles.  All targets represent open pit opportunities for orogenic gold (lode) targets, porphyry mineralisation (Au, Cu, Mo, Sn, Zn and Ag) and the recently proven Li, Ta and Sn mineralisation in pegmatites surrounding fractionated plutons within the tenements (below).


The re-evaluation and synthesis of all work completed since 2007 has highlighted the huge advances made by Dart Mining in the geological understanding of NE Victoria, supported and validated by the Geological Survey of Victoria’s new theory of the geological evolution of the eastern seaboard.  The NE Victoria region is now recognised by the Victorian Government as hosting one of two proposed Arc belts within the State, the other being the Stavely Belt of Western Victoria.  Arc belts are highly prospective regions of the earth’s crust and host a range of mineralisation styles from porphyry stockwork through sulphide lode gold, silver and base metals and includes associated fractionated granites with late stage volatile rich dykes forming belts of Lithium, Cesium, Tantalum (LCT) complex zoned pegmatites.  Dart Mining has gained an insight into the mineralisation potential of the region through significant and continuous exploration combined with rigorous research and development.  This experience and knowledge will direct focused exploration and development within the highly prospective region of NE Victoria as well as the recently acquired gold JV projects within the historic mining centres of Central Victoria.  The current tenement locations are presented below.