About Dart Mining

Dart Mining floated on the ASX in May of 2007 with the dual aim of evaluating and developing several historic Goldfields in NE Victoria and also substantiating a proposed virgin porphyry province prospective for precious, base, and minor metals.

The early discovery of a world class Mo-Cu-Ag Climax style porphyry deposit (UNICORN) in early 2008 and concurrent evaluation of other porphyry targets confirmed a new significant porphyry mineral province for NE Victoria.  This single discovery and major advances in the geological understanding of NE Victoria shifted the company’s focus away from gold and further into porphyry development.

Work on the Unicorn porphyry commanded exclusive corporate focus as well as scarce capital through to June 2015 at which point the existing board were removed and replaced by proxy. Gold development was subsequently placed at the top of the agenda as part of a new commercial strategy by the in-coming board.

A detailed re-evaluation and synthesis of all geological work from 2007, combined with strategic JV acquisitions and a number of tenement applications has secured an array of highly prospective orogenic Au, Au-Cu porphyries and Li-Sn-Ta pegmatite prospects under Dart control.

Three key commercial strategies have evolved from this approach in order to create and build intrinsic shareholder value from the Dart tenements package. Favourable tailwinds from existing market conditions in the Gold and Lithium commodity sectors mean that Dart is in a position to pursue and exploit these well-defined but operationally different commercial strategies. Each offers a very different spectrum of risk and reward and each delivers a key element of value creation.