Company Overview

Dart Mining NL (ASX:DTM) is a Melbourne-based exploration and development company that has discovered and is seeking to develop a new mineralised porphyry province in north east Victoria. The Dart province hosts molybdenum (Mo), copper (Cu), silver (Ag), zinc (Zn), tin (Sn) and gold (Au) mineralisation in porphyry igneous intrusions. It lies adjacent to the Gilmore suture with numerous intersecting splay faults.  NSW is a proven host of world class porphyry mines associated with splay structures off the Gilmore Suture such as North Parkes, Cadia and Ridgeway.  Independence Groups Stockman Copper, Zinc, Silver and Gold VMS project also lies adjacent to the Gilmore suture in Victoria and is at an advanced stage of development, located about 35km south of Dart Mining’s tenements.

The Unicorn Project, which is Dart Mining’s principal project, is a molybdenum (Mo), copper (Cu) and silver (Ag) Climax-style porphyry that has similar geological characteristics to the world class Henderson Climax-style primary Mo porphyry mine in Colorado USA.  The Unicorn Project has a number of unique characteristics. It outcrops, has an extensive high grade zone from surface, is about 20km from the National Electricity Market infrastructure (hydro generation, switchyards and transmission lines), has abundant water onsite, road access, an existing logistics chain from mine to market, no known native title, flora or fauna issues and strong Corryong community and government support.

Dart Mining completed a detailed preliminary economic assessment (scoping study) for the Unicorn Project in October 2012.  It yielded compelling economic results and warranted the undertaking by Dart Mining of the proposed prefeasibility studies. The Prefeasibility Study for Unicorn is underway with a targeted completion date of Q1 2014.

Dart Mining is also looking to grow beyond its current North East Victorian base and is actively pursuing new opportunities both domestically and in similar low risk overseas jurisdictions.


Board of Directors


Unicorn deposit - potentially a long life Mo + Cu + Ag porphyry mine

Red Kite (US metal merchant) invests upto A$10M - detailed due diligence

Prefeasibility underway - fully funded, as is regional exploration

High grade from surface - very low strip ratio / available infrastructure

Very positive metallurgy - no known native title, flora or fauna issues

NPV $255M initial 14 years (100% equity) - +6yr life1 adds $50 - 70M NPV

2.5 year payback - pretax IRR 27% (discount rate 10% / 100% equity)

$304M capita - all up cash cost @ $8/lb2 Mo (onsite, logistics, smelting) 


30 July 2014
Victoria’s biggest mineral project – DTM’S extensive copper-molybdenum-silver discovery at Unicorn near Corryong in north-east Victoria - PFS re-commenced.

The Board of Dart Mining N.L. (DTM) today announced the re-commencement of the Unicorn Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS) and an indicative timetable which, if all technical, environmental, licensing and economic criteria are met and appropriate funding is available, will see the JORC estimated 203-million tonne discovery in production in 2019.
Today’s announcement follows various revised scoping studies initiated in February/ March 2014 which indicate that some issues, previously thought to have been project defeating challenges, can be addressed with conventional 
industry-proven techniques.

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