Dart announced the Northern Mine Ventures Pty Ltd (NMV) Joint Venture (JV) agreement 13 November 2015.  The NMV JV tenement package comprises 44.8 Ha under mining licenses MIN5246, 5306 & 5538 in Rushworth, Central Victoria and 231 Graticules under Exploration License EL4697 & EL5315 in northeast Victoria.

Renewal applications, geological mapping and Work Programming for the Rushworth mining tenements have been completed with the tenements renewed through until 2019.  The field mapping program has resulted in a better insight into the structures controlling mineralisation at Rushworth.  Mineralisation occurs along limb thrust faults to the south of the anticline and appear enhanced close to crosscourse faults.  The attraction of the mineralisation style at Rushworth is the recognition of the multiple stacked limb thrusts by Dart Mining (Phoenix, Fletcher’s and Appleton’s zones).  The mineralisation associated with the thrust faults represent a large, attractive exploration target and appear to show lateral continuity of hundreds of metres.  Where traced down dip within historic workings, the mineralised faults show up to 60m of continuity from surface.  The faults are commonly offset by dextral faulting along north-south oriented crosscourses (see Map below).  Past mining within the mining licenses is recoded to have not passed below 50 – 60m depth, providing significant exploration potential for un-mined, high grade thrust fault repetitions.

Historic mining targeted shoots within the core of the thrust faults, many individual leases along the lines are documented as showing extremely high grades, measured in tens of ounces per tonne.  Dart Mining are targeting potential low grade halo mineralisation developed above and below these faults within an observed stockwork zones, these zones are interpreted to be stacked vertically and in close proximity to one another.  The stacking of the mineralisation provides the opportunity to exploit the low grade halo via an open pit mining technique.  Initially, sites are proposed for bulk sampling / trial mining on key structures with proven gold in drill data to establish mining grades and inform economic viability models.

This style of target fits well within the developing small scale (5,000oz – 50,000oz) gold strategy adopted by the company and has the potential to develop into a larger scale operation.