Dart Mining (ASX:DTM) floated on the ASX in May of 2007 with the aim of evaluating and developing several historic Goldfields as well as substantiating a new porphyry province in NE Victoria.

The area is prospective for precious, base, and minor metals. These include Lithium, Gold, Silver, Copper Molybdenum, Zinc, Tungsten, Tin, Tantalum, and a host of other important minerals.

The discovery of a world class Mo-Cu-Ag Climax style porphyry deposit (Unicorn) in 2008 and concurrent evaluation of other porphyry targets confirmed a significant new porphyry mineral province in NE Victoria.  This unique discovery and major advances in the geological understanding of the region shifted the company’s focus away from gold and further into porphyry development at that time.

In May 2016 Dart discovered the first Lithium mineralisation in Victoria. A detailed re-evaluation of all geological work from 2008, combined with strategic JV acquisitions and several tenement applications has secured a package of highly prospective orogenic Au, Au-Cu, Cu porphyries and Li-Sn-Ta pegmatite prospects under Dart control.

Three corporate commercial strategies have emerged from this work (Lithium, Porphyries and Gold) creating shareholder interest and value from the Dart tenements package.

Favourable tailwinds from existing market conditions in the Lithium, Gold, and Copper commodities mean that Dart can pursue and exploit these well-defined but operationally different commercial strategies.

Each strategy offers a very different spectrum of risk and reward and each delivers a key element of value creation.


Exploration Update: Dorchap Lithium Project


Lithium Exploration Programme Update


Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report


Shortfall Placement


Appointment of International Exploration Consultants to Dorchap Lithium Project



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Lithium Exploration & Development

Dart Mining utilised it’s own extensive knowledgebase built up around the regional geological setting of NE Victoria to initiate a new Lithium Strategy. We have the opportunity to undertake the first exploration for Lithium Bearing Pegmatites in a newly identified province in NE Victoria.

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Porphyry Exploration & Development

NE Victoria has a variety of prospective granitic plutons, which have been demonstrated by Dart Mining and others to contain Cu, Au, Ag, Zn, Li, Sn, Ta, Mo and W. Dart Mining recognised the unique tectonic setting of the region.

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Orogenic Gold Exploration & Development

Dart Mining plans to fully evaluate the commercial viability of a number of small tonnage / high grade and moderate tonnage / medium grade gold prospects with production targets of 5,000 – 50,000 ounces held under various tenements.

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Stay Updated on our Strategies & Exploration Activity


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