Dart Mining plans to fully evaluate the commercial viability of a number of small tonnage / high grade and moderate tonnage / medium grade gold prospects with production targets of 5,000 – 50,000 ounces held under various tenements.  The Mountain View gold project is the first and is already within an approved mining licence (ML5559) and is the most advanced of the small scale projects. Early stage economic viability modelling indicates a best case outcome through a local central process facility owned by Dart Mining to produce high grade sulphide concentrate.  Additional gold projects span the spectrum from advanced exploration / development within approved mining licences at Rushworth (Central Victoria) to early stage drill evaluation over significant soil anomalies within historic production centres.  Key gold prospects are listed below (see Tenement Map and Key Gold Prospect Locations below):

  • Mountain View (Approved 5 Ha ML5559 – Production Planned)
  • Rushworth (3 x Approved MIN’s 5246, 5306 & 5538 – Initial Small Scale Trial Mining Planned)
  • Fairley’s (EL4724 – Resource Drilling within shallow, high grade zone from surface)
  • New Discovery (EL4726 – Resource Drilling along 300+m Au / As anomaly)
  • Onslow (EL4726 – Resource Drilling along 400+m Au / As anomaly)
  • Empress Lodes (EL006277 – Resource Modelling past drilling, Resource Drilling)

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